Traingle LED Wall Light Waterproof IP65 Fo Outdoor WL-triangular-cct

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The traingle wall light consists of painted ABS and PC, which covers the lamp. It is protection class IP65 and suitable for outdoor use. The electrical connection of the luminaire, which comes in four colours, is made directly to the 85-240V mains supply.

  • Model: WL-traingle-CCT
  • Power: 25W
  • Input Voltage: AC85-265V
  • Lumen: 70-80 LM/W
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • PF: >0.5
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • CCT: 3000K/4500K/6000K
  • Driver: CE+CB DRIVER
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    The shape of this wall lamp is a classic design. Our structural engineers have re-optimized the structure of the lamp on the basis of the original design. We have optimized the way lamps are assembled and added two important improvements. First, Add a separate junction box to place the cable connector and CCT regulator in a separate space. And in order to meet the IP waterproof 65 waterproof grade requirements, the use of waterproof silicone ring to solve the problem. The second,add a metal Hanging Board and use it to hang the lamp on the wall. At the same time, metal safety lanyard is added to facilitate installation and improve safety.

    Classic shape

    The lamp body is a classic shape, Germanlite engineers have improved the design of the lamp body, optimized the installation method, and the circuit.

    Easy Install

    Germanlite traingle wall light with metal mounting plate and screws can be easily installed within 20 minutes.By optimizing the structure of the lamp body, the installation is simpler. Fix the metal mounting plate on the wall first, then open the cover on the back of the lamp body, connect the wiring and select the color of the light by adjusting the CCT adjuster. Then cover the cover, screw on the screws, and hang the lamp body on the mounting plate. The whole installation process is more logical and convenient.

    CCT adjustment

    Germanlite engineers designed an independent space on the back of the lamp body for the security CCT adjuster and cable connector. In this way, it is convenient for the user to connect the circuit for the lamp without disassembling the lamp body when installing

    Using a CCT switch (3000/4000K), you can adjust the color of the light. The beam angle of 120 degrees produces a widely scattered light. Thanks to its IP65 protection class rating, it is ideally protected against moisture penetration. This traingle wall light is also and quick and easy to install.

    IP65 Waterproof

    Germanlite wall light features an impact-resistant with a PC waterproof shade. Reach IP65 waterproof level.All parts of the lamp are equipped with waterproof silicone, which can effectively resist the invasion of rain, fog, sand and mosquitoes.


    Suitable for use in indoor or outdoor application. The step lights can be used in your stairways, corridors, pathways, driveways, patios or other places where landscape lighting is required.Our outdoor Wall Lantern is perfect for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Such as security, entryways, stairways, storage, area lighting and so on.

    Energy Saving

    The LED lamp beads are upgraded, and more than 95% of the electricity is converted into. Germanlite wall light is only bright and almost no heat.

    Safety Guarantee

    There is a metal safety rope on the metal mounting plate to connect with the lamp body, which is convenient for installation, and the lamp body is accidentally dropped to improve safety performance.


    Traingle LED Wall Light Waterproof IP65 For Outdoor WL-triangular-cct
    Traingle LED Wall Light Waterproof IP65 For Outdoor WL-triangular-cct




    Input Voltage

     AC 85V-265V,  50/60Hz



    Color Temperature




    Waterproof Rating




    Traingle LED Wall Light Waterproof IP65 For Outdoor WL-triangular-cct

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