The railway station lighting

The features of railway station lighting

In the railway station, the space is wide and the ceiling is tall, and most of the time, it is also 24 hours working day by day. So it requires reliable lighting fixtures for less maintenance.

lighting in railway station

You can get 3 benefits by applying the good-quality fixtures:

benefits of intelligent lighting

The steps to do the lighting design for railway station.

Different zone has different function and features. We planned the lighting according to different area.

1) In the platform where passenger getting on or getting off, it is outdoor and indoor combined area. Here the LED fixtures almost working 12 hours per day. To save energy,we applied the lighting intensity sensors under the ceiling.

The sensors detect the lighting intensity indoor, then LED lamps will be active according to the chart below:

Sensor lighting intensity Lamps on the middle Lamps on the edge
< 100 flux 100% brightness 100% brightness
100~200 flux 100% brightness 80% brightness
200~300 flux 70% brightness 50% brightness
300~500 flux 50% brightness 20% brightness
> 500 flux Power off Power off


steps to do railway station lighting

2) While in the waiting room where the passengers sitting indoor. The situation is similar, but the LED lights can not make the entire room @ 300lux, so all the lights are power on 24 hours per day.

Sensor lighting intensity


< 100 flux

100% brightness

100~200 flux

80% brightness

200~300 flux

50% brightness

300~500 flux

20% brightness


waiting room in railway

In this project,The led lights will act according to lighting intensity of sensor. It requires much effort to test and setup the DALI system.

Post time: Dec-12-2022