[toya] intelligence announces a new generation of ambient lighting solutions

Perhaps many people have experienced this embarrassment as a child: after watching a horror movie, before turning off the light to go to bed, suddenly have a strong desire to go to the toilet, but because of fear of the dark, have been holding it in. Since then, the idea of a smart remote switch has taken root. Demand is the deciding factor in production, and the main function of the original smart lamp is to control the light switch remotely via the mobile phone App. After the basic daily lighting demand is satisfied, how will the next stage of intelligent lighting development, this is the future intelligent lighting industry needs to explore the big topic.

Smart lighting will have a market share of nearly $10 billion by 2020, according to MarketsandMarket, and is projected to have a market share of more than $25 billion by 2020, with an average compound annual growth rate of 20% , according to 2026.

The consumption that upgrades ceaselessly, experience demand, let intelligent lighting enter next tuyere period-atmosphere illuminates. With the growing market share of ambient lighting, more and more manufacturers and manufacturing brands realize that the market of ambient lighting is imminent.

At the end of March at the Shenzhen & Linhai Christmas Lighting Fair, the world's leading IoT Cloud Platform [toya] Intelligence released a new generation of ambient lighting solutions. [toya] smart lighting product expert Wu Longfei said that the new ambient lighting solution will allow smart lighting scenes to extend from a single fixed interior decoration to whole-house, even outdoor ambience scenes, the application range of intelligent lighting products has been greatly expanded.

[toya] intelligent new generation atmosphere lighting solution

So What's the difference between the new generation ambient lighting solution and the previous lighting solution?

As [toya] intelligence deputy general manager of the South China Region Kong Lingqun mentioned in his speech, "in the future, smart lighting products will put more emphasis on scalability and durability, and gradually move towards a ‘people-oriented'trend, bringing more happiness to users."


Compared with the traditional intelligent lighting scheme, atmosphere lighting is destined to be a product with high added value and high playability. At the press conference, [toya] Intelligence announced two new product solutions-smart lamp string and smart splice lighting ambience solutions.

Take the lamp string as an example, at present the intelligent lamp string is on the market playability higher atmosphere class lighting product, mainly uses in the festival or each kind of Party occasion atmosphere foil. On the surface, the smart string looks like a traditional string, but it is not simply a string of traditional lights to move to the phone to control. The new doodling intelligent lamp string solution supports dynamic UI design, multi-scene selection, multi-mode music rhythm, single-point control, painting and other functions, greatly improving the playability and diversity of products, and allows users to use App, voice, remote control and other ways to control the string of lights.

At the same time, the flexibility, large-angle luminance and portability of the smart lamp string enable users to apply this kind of products to more indoor and outdoor scenes. For one simple example, Xiao Li pasted a string of heart-shaped smart lights on the wall of his room and successfully connected to the [toya] smart App via Bluetooth. At this point, when Xiao Li plays a song through the music App, the string of lights will move along with the rhythm of the music. If Xiao Li feels that the lighting atmosphere is not suitable for the current environment, he can switch to holiday mode, grassland mode, romantic mode and so on by doodling smart App. Not only that, Li can also decorate the string of lights on the Christmas tree, his balcony or courtyard, for friends to hold a holiday Party, birthday Party, barbecue Party and other activities to provide the whole online atmosphere experience.

Although the function of intelligent lamp string is various, but for the traditional lighting production enterprises, the research and development cost of intelligent lamp string independently is not a small expense. Compared with traditional lamp string, the threshold of intelligent lamp string development is relatively high, involving communication module, code implementation and speech recognition technology. In response to this problem, [toya] for the customer to provide a smart lamp string 0 code development program. Even if you don't have any experience in developing smart devices, you can still use the doodle IoT cloud development platform to quickly make your products smart.

In addition to the smart lamp string, the smart splice lamp is also one of the most popular atmosphere lamp products. Like a traditional splice lamp, the smart splice lamp can be arranged and combined into different shapes at will, like building blocks or puzzles. The difference is that the actual shapes created by the smart splice lights will be displayed in sync on the Doodle Smart App, allowing users to set the colors remotely without any manual debugging.

However, the more functional a product is, the more expensive and difficult it is to develop. In order to control the switch and color state of each individual light bulb, MCU chip was embedded in the former smart splice light. However, the difficulty and cost of embedded development make many traditional manufacturing enterprises shy away from it.

The [toya] intelligent release of a new smart tiled light solution, through innovative algorithms, can not be embedded in the MCU, so that each piece of tiled light can be controlled separately, for manufacturers to save a lot of costs. The Doodler splicing light program also provides various types and shapes of light templates, after the manufacturers selected the appropriate template program, with the help of Doodler intelligence to provide low-code development tools, can quickly low-cost landing a smart splice light products.

In addition to the two new products, namely smart string lamp and smart splice lamp, the atmosphere lamp products, such as full color ribbon, projection lamp, slide floor lamp and white noise lamp, were developed based on the technical ability of [toya], it also supports rich scene mode selection and additional functions such as music rhythm.

The release of a new generation of atmosphere lighting solutions to greatly enrich the [toya] atmosphere lighting product form, but also show the [toya] atmosphere lighting product capabilities. With more than 262,000 developers, [toya] intelligence will use technology engines to drive the ambient lighting industry forward and create a healthier and more comfortable lighting environment for consumers.

Post time: Apr-28-2022