LED tri-proof light PC Without T8 Tube IP65 Waterproof TRP-L2

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LED Tri-proof light with high efficacy delivering substantial energy saving. The outer shell adopts optical polar PC materials double-color extrusion process and has great weather resistance.The overall weight of the lamp body is light, and the shell is soft and elastic, which is convenient for long-distance transportation.Apply to shopping mall, retail store and office application. For its excellent water-proof function, suitable for both dry and wet location. It can be used as a multi-purpose replacement for these applications: vapor-tight & wrap-around. Ideal for stairwells, factories, parking structures, tool shops, etc

  • Model: TRP-L2
  • Power: 18W/36W/48W
  • Input Voltage: AC170-265V
  • CCT: 3000K/4500K/6000K
  • Material: PC transparent frosted cover + PC/ABS base
  • Lumen: 120m/W
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    LED Tri-proof light means waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion proof . They are made with high performance materials and silicone sealing ring to realize protection requirements for the fixtures. From the ends where cable comes out, there are with waterproof PG connections for seamless connections, it secures the cable and keep water and dust from entering. And there is breathable valve on end caps to keep inside and outside pressure balance, then it is good for long time waterproof protection.

    1. The outer shell adopts optical polar PC materials double-color extrusion process and has great weather resistance.

    2. Plug adopts the innovative clip-on installment method and hits screws without using tools, which facilitates field operation.

    3. Lamp plug is equipped with respirator, making the lamp permeable, dry and causing no mist. Compared with traditional plug, it

    lowers 3-5 degrees of heat dissipation.

    4.Suspended ceiling and ceiling mounted installation available.

    High Efficiency and Durbale

    Germanlite LED triproof light provides 5000lm output at 48w, which is great option to replace less efficient fluorescent or incandescent lights. With high quality LED chips and rugged aluminum alloy used, this 1500mm led light fixture is very durable and maintenance free.


    Powered by only 40 watts total at 4200lm, the LED tri-proof light produces large amounts of light at an energy saving cost, perfect replacement for 80-120watts metal halide or fluorescent fixture and no ballast to replace.

    IP65 Watterproof

    With silica gel sealing strip and IP66 rating design, which is waterproof, dust-proof and impact resistant. This led tri-proof light fixture is the perfect solution for your wet and lamp location lighting needs indoor or outdoor.,especially, the led vapor tight light also can be used in cold temperature.

    Multi Appication

    The Germanlite led vapor tight light fixtures can be widely used in carport, parking garage, car wash, walk-in freezer, food processing, breeding farm, passage way, warehouse, canopy, patio, tunnel, barn, gas station, stairwell etc.


    Attach fixture to ceiling and fix the light. The plug-in design with 5ft power cord included, no wiring and reconstructing needed. Very easy and fast installation. No extra bulbs needed and no ballast to ever replace.

    High Variety, Wide Application Range

    These LED shop light fixture Plug and play, or can easy wire the wall switch directly.























    LED Tri proof Light Features:

    - Full polycarbonate housing with inner aluminum heatsink ;

    - High transmittance and better thermal conductivity;

    - Buckle design is easy for ceiling mounting and suspension;

    - IP65 waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion;

    - On/Off, Microwave motion sensor, Dimming and Emergency;

    - 50,000 hours long lifetime;



    1. Co-extursion plastic tube+insert aluminum heat sink;

    2. High waterproof grade IP66;

    3. Squre design to be suitable square concept furnishing style;

    4. Special end cap structrue for convenient conneciton;

    5. Adjustable install angle with different lighting angle;

    6. IP66 IK10 high protect level;

    7. High lumen efficiency, 125lm/W.

    8.The light source of SMD2835



    LED tri-proof light PC Without T8 Tube IP65 Waterproof TRP-L2
    LED tri-proof light PC Without T8 Tube IP65 Waterproof TRP-L2

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