Double Color Circular LED Ceiling Light Waterproof IP65 3CCT CL-Tri-R-G2

Short Description:

The Germanlite circular ceiling lamp is very easy to install. The lamp body has a separate space for the CCT regulator, and the cable connector. Through the optimization of wiring, so that the installation of electricians more convenient. The lamp body has two waterproof designs and the housing components are installed with due regard to waterproof requirements (IP65) . LAMP body position double color design, black or white shell. Round border bit gold or silver. Simple in appearance, but not monotonous.

  • Model: CL-Tri-R-G2
  • Power: 30W
  • Input Voltage: AC100-265V
  • CCT Adjustable: 3000K/4500K/6000K
  • Lumen: 90 LM/W
  • Dimension: Φ305*75mm
  • Material: ABS+PC
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    The Germanlite flush mount light fixture allow you to create the perfect setup for a relaxing atmosphere. The flush mount ceiling light suits all types of rooms, so you can add this stylish ceiling light fixtures to your home or office.

    3CCT adjustment

    Germanlite designed a space on the base to house the cable connector and CCT adjuster. And equipped with to be waterproof apron cover. Before installing the lamp body, you can first select the light color, and then install. The ceiling lamp comes in three light colors: 3000k-45000k-6000k.

    Minimalism design

    The bedroom lighting fixtures ceiling feature a matte black(or white) frame with champagne gold(or silver) . Our ceiling light cover will definitely be an eye catcher for anyone who steps in your house due to this modern super thin design.

    Easy install

    Double Color Circular LED Ceiling Light comes in a 30cm size.No bulbs are required.The installation procedure is very simple, 1 to fix the hanging board to the ceiling, 2. Open the round cover on the back of the base, connect the wires and adjust the CCT regulator. 3 match the lampshade with the hanging plate and rotate the lampshade clockwise

    Color Rendering Index > 80+

    Higher CRI provide more vibrant, realistic colors, which allow everyone to look and feel their best of your residence, illuminating art on a wall, or lighting a window display in a store.

    Double Color Circular LED Ceiling Light Waeterproof IP65 for outdoor lighting CL-Tri-R-G2

    Widely used

    The diameter of the lamp body is 30cm, this size can be used as ceiling lamp, or wall lamp. Can be applied to indoor and outdoor places. We in the design, fully considering the requirements of outdoor waterproof, in the parts of the connection with the use of high-quality waterproof aprons. The lamp body can reach IP65 waterproof grade.

    Double Color Circular LED Ceiling Light Waeterproof IP65 for outdoor lighting CL-Tri-R-G2

    High Lumen Efficiency

    Powerful lumen efficiency:100LM/W.Narrow edge design make it wider illumination area and create higher lighting efficiency.This light is perfect in stall at living room, bedroom, kitchen, corridor.

    Waterproof & Dustproof Design

    The whole ceiling light’s sealing is pretty brilliant. So, the dust proof performance is very outstanding. No fliers or dust could go inside. Clean as always.

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