Commercial LED Solar Street Light For Outdoor Lighting GLVB4

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This is a solar street light for extremely cold areas, the working temperature is -50ºC ~ 50ºC. The overall structure of this solar street light is suitable for extremely cold outdoor environment. In addition, the high-capacity lithium battery (12V,20AH) is used to ensure that the street light can provide all-night illumination, taking into account the length of sunlight in extremely cold areas.

  • Model: GLVQ4
  • Power: 20W/30W/40W
  • Input Voltage: AC 85-265V
  • CCT: 2500K-7000K
  • Lumen: 140 - 150 lm/W
  • Power Factor: > 0.9
  • Waterproof Rat: IP65
  • Light Source: SMD 3030
  • Material: Die-casting Aluminum+PC Lens
  • Driver: Isolated/Non-isolated
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    This LED Solar Light features an integrated structure that houses the battery pack and controller in the same LED luminaire. The housing is die-cast aluminum and can be IP65 waterproof. The one-piece cast aluminum housing provides efficient heat dissipation and is rugged and durable. The light body housing is classically painted to withstand harsh outdoor environments. The high power battery pack provides sufficient electrical energy to construct all-night lighting for up to 7~10 rainy days. In addition there are time control and light-sensitive control system, more energy-saving and efficient. Modified solar street light cost is suitable for extremely cold areas, such as Russia, Canada, etc.

    Model No. GLVB4-020E GLVB4-030A GLVB4-040A
    LED lamp Material of lamp cover Die-casting aluminum
    LED Chip CREE 3030 56PCS CREE 3030 56PCS CREE 3030 56PCS
    Power of Lamp 20W 30W 40W
    Efficiency of light 120-140lm/W
    Voltage of lamp 42V
    Color temperature 6000K
    Battery Working temperature -50ºC ~50ºC
    Type lithium battery 12V,20AH lithium battery 12V,30AH lithium battery 12V,30AH
    Lifespan of battery 8-10 years
      Controller Charging time 4-6h under standard illumination condition
    Duration of light Whole night lighting (12h), 3-5 consecutive rainy days back up Whole night lighting (12h), 7-10 consecutive rainy days back up
    Control mode Time control+light control
    Solar panel Rated power 80W(MONO) 120W(MONO) 80W(MONO)
    Voltage 18V
    conversion efficiency 19%
    Size of product 720*270*130mm
    Warranty 3 years
    Commercial LED Solar Street Light For Outdoor Lighting GLVB4
    Commercial LED Solar Street Light For Outdoor Lighting GLVB4
    Commercial LED Solar Street Light For Outdoor Lighting GLVB4
    Commercial LED Solar Street Light For Outdoor Lighting GLVB4

    High quality

    Aluminum alloy housing, solid and sturdy constructed, IP67 waterproof, long life lithium iron phosphate battery, dusk on dawn off light sensor, anti-broken remote control. Each part underwent aging and repeated testing.

    Die cast aluminum housing

    Well-built light fixture with aluminum-alloy monolithic casting extremely improves the heat dissipation to greatly increase LED illuminator and Li-battery operating life cycle.high efficiency heat sink,elegant appearance.Die cast aluminum housing electrostatically sprayed with a polyester powder paint finish, following anti-corrosion priming, and oven cured at 180°C.

    Bringht light & energy saving

    The brightness, area and time are twice compare to others under the same parameters by selecting high bright LED beads with second optical design lens which make the lighting higher efficiency, larger area and more uniform.

    The solar powered street light no wires and electricity to pay. Street lights solar powered are composed of photovoltaic power generation system, energy storage system and light control system. Monocry stalline silicon solar photovoltaic panels have higt conversion rate to 25%, realizing 100% energy saving.

    High Performance

    Die casting aluminum material provide a good heat dissipation, Durable Engineering PC lens provides symmetrical distribution. 1-10v dimming standard for a dimming range of 10% to 100%. Rated over 50,000 hours of use.

    Grade Material

    The Germanlite Led street lights are made of die-casting aluminum body with polyester powder-coated finish. The scientific design helps the exterior light post top to dissipate better, achieve the best use of the led lighting.

    Waterproof & Durable

    This is an industrial grade lighting product, suitable for public roads, highways. The overall waterproof performance of the product is excellent, and it can withstand various harsh outdoor weather conditions. This LEDstreet light has been used in many infrastructure projects, with mature technology and stable product operation.IP66 waterproof allows it to work even in thunderstorms. High efficiency solar panels makes it good heat dissipation and lighting performance and working temperature is -50℉-140℉.

    Installation Angle Adjustable

    Built in with the most advanced, reliable and highest power density lithium-based battery.Using a LiFePO4 Battery, MPPT controller, it’s made in Aluminum, making it the most powerful and reliable solution.The Light fixture angle or direction can be adjusted based on setting up location and environmental condition. 

    Wide Application

    The Germanlite Led street light fixtures with slip fitter or Arm Mount design give the lamp a adjustable lighting range and can be applied to a variety of outdoor scences, such as parking lots light, driveway light, front yard lights, city expressway, trunk/rustic road, factories, playground, school, gas station, courtyard, public park, walkway, exterior, driveway, store, farmyard, residential area light or any other commercial and industrial area.

    Easy to install

    The Germanlite Led street light is suitable for round pole .Simply fix the slip fitter to the round pole, then put the light on the slip fitter and tighten the screws.Warm promptSlip fitter mount equipped with LED commercial street lighting is not suitable for square pole

    Model Power(W) Light Source Luminous Flux(LM) CCT Input Voltage(V) IP Rating Battery Solar Panel Power(W) Installation height(M) Working Temperature(℃)
    GLVQ3-080 80 SMD 3030 9600-12000 3000/4500/6000K DC30-45 IP68 12W80AH 240W 8-10M 50℃~60℃
    GLVQ3-100 100 12000-15000 12W100AH 300W 8-10M
    GLVQ3-120 120 14400-18000 12W120AH 360W 9-11M
    GLVQ3-160 160 19200-24000 12W160AH 480W 12-18M
    GLVQ3-180 180 21600-27000 12W180AH 540W 12-18M
    GLVQ3-200 200 24000-30000 12W200AH 600W 12-18M

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